Lash Corrections

Are you currently experiencing any of the following

Are your lashes itchy?

  • This could be a result of seasonal allergies. If you do not suffer from seasonal allergies then you might be having a reaction to the adhesive.


Are you allergic to Latex or Acrylic?

  • Some adhesives contain latex and most of them have some form of Acrylic.

Do you have a swollen lash line?

  • This could be a result of the adhesive being applied too close to and or on your skin.


Do you have a red spot under your iris that burns or feels like a paper cut?

  • This could be a cut from either the pad or tape used to isolate your bottom lashes that moved during your service up into your eye resulting in an irritation. 

Do you feel tension or a pulling sensation?

  • This is called "Traction" it happens when improper isolation takes place and your natural lashes are adhered together not allowing them to grow out individually. 


Are you experiencing extreme lash loss and you just had them done?

  • This could be a result of getting your extensions wet prior to the 24hr curing time. If however, you properly cared for them, then your technician did not properly prep your natural lashes, did not use the correct amount of adhesive or used a low quality adhesive.


If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above then

The Lash Lab is here to help! Let's get those lashes healthy!